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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Azura Marine wins 1st place in the Electric Boat Awards

We are delighted to announce, that after 2 rounds of voting in 3 categories and over 10,000 votes overall, Azura Marine's Aquanima 40 has won the Gustave Trouve "Excellence In Electric Boats Over 8 Metres" award.

We are proud that our year's of hard work has been recognised with the Aquanima being the world's only commercially available yacht that is capable of continuous non-stop cruising (24/7) on solar-electric power without the aid of fossil fuelled generators or shore power plug in.

The voting started on May 26, the 139th anniversary of the day M. Trouvé invented the outboard motor. Not just the electric outboard motor, but the outboard motor period.

Trouvé was an astoundingly prolific inventor with over 75 patents to his name. He took one of those inventions – an electric motor for a bicycle – down to the Seine River on May 26, 1881, connected it to a battery, attached the contraption to his boat ‘Le Teléphone’, set off down the Seine and made history: the world’s first outboard motor, attached to one of the world’s earliest rechargeable batteries, transporting a boat in silence along one of the world’s great waterways.

The end of the first round was July 2 and the voting finals began July 4, and the winners were announced on July 27th, 2020, the 118th anniversary of Trouvé’s death in Paris.

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