• Nadea

Sailing a Pure Solar Boat feels nothing short of Magic

Even when we know the amount of hours that went into its inception and construction, the feeling of sailing a 100% solar electric yacht is completely exhilarating!

Bali has been in lock down for multiple months and since then, there has been no leisure craft venturing out of the marinas or mooring areas. Besides this unique situation, since June, it is the windy season in Bali with steady Easterly winds at 20+ knots making for bumpy rides over the Indian Ocean. Top that up with massive swells (all too appreciated by surfers usually flocking the island for the chance of riding the famous surfs in the South) and strong current and you have a pretty deterring cocktail for those who'd consider venturing out at sea. We launched our first Aquanima 40 100% solar electric catamaran "Solar Eclipse" right in the midst of all that and, trusting our engineering, boat building and true sailor spirit, have been going out at sea with Eclipse numerous times.

Eclipse has proven great sea worthiness and the solar energy and electric propulsion systems are taking care of moving the boat and keeping her energized at any moment without the captain having to worry about anything, least of things: Refueling :)

Today Friday 24th July is the LAST DAY to VOTE for us in the Electric Boat of the Year Awards!!! Results will be announced on Sunday! If you have not voted yet for this FINAL ROUND, I would be so grateful if you could do so:

How to vote:

1) Click the link above 2) Chose a boat you like in the Category 1 (under 8 m). If you do not know which one to select, we like Candela for its innovative foiling tech, just a suggestion 3) Select "AZURA AQUANIMA" in category 2 4) Chose a boat you like in the Category 3 (ferries). If you do not know which one to select, we like SeaBubbles for its innovative foiling tech as well, just a suggestion 5) Enter your email 6) Validate your vote Deep gratitude from All of Us at Azura Marine!