• Nadea

Our first Aquanima 40 "Solar Eclipse" leaves the yard!

Updated: May 21, 2020

The first miles of any boat are always a moving moment as they mark the beginning of an exciting long life full of emotions. It is even more so when the boat in question is completely novel in her design and concept. Watch the very first maneuvers and trials of our brand new Aquanima 40 "Solar Eclipse" only 2 days after she touched the water for the first time! We took our craftsmen onboard for them to enjoy the fruit of their meticulous labor.

Eclipse left the yard without any issue and was tested in maneuvers and speed while all parameters were carefully monitored. After a couple of hours and a tight maneuver for med mooring alongside a super yacht, she was berthed safely in Benoa Marina, Bali. By the time the anchor was dropped, the batteries were already topped up, meaning that these first miles with Eclipse were entirely powered by the sun and left nothing behind but solar glitters. This is the new realm our Aquanima range of solar-powered vessels promises to bring to the yachting scene! Enjoy!

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