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Azura Marine's Hull #1 the Aquanima 40 "Eclipse" enters the final construction stage in Bali!

Eclipse is getting every day closer to the water. Boat building - especially yachts - is all about details, those little things that will make a big difference when sailing the yacht. While progress might not always seem apparent on the outside, we are catering for a multitude of small details every day before getting the boat a beautiful coat of paint and installing the equipment and furniture in. This is all about persistence, not losing the focus, not losing sight of the greater picture and not losing our energy. We will be soon there and this eco-yacht is going to make a big splash on the world scene! Eclipse is the 1st solar electric catamaran built by Azura Marine. With low drag displacement hulls, high efficiency electric drive trains and a 55 m2 solar roof, she is designed for ocean crossings only on solar energy. Thank you, Mama Bali, for supporting us and this project and warm thanks to All those who are helping our vision come true, day after day! The Aquanima 40 - the world's first blue water 100% solar-powered yacht - will soon be available for orders, both in aluminium and fiberglass, with or without carbon rig and sails. Contact us for more details and stay tuned, launch & sea trials coming soon!

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