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Aquanima 40 Solar Catamaran sails to the Grand Finale of the "World's Best Electric Boat Awards"!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Thanks to your WONDERFUL support, the Aquanima 40 made it to the grande finale of the "World's Best Electric Boats Award 2020"!

Now it is time to give the Aquanima 40 what she deserves, the Title of Best Electric Boat in the +8 m category.

We need your vote and your spreading the word around you to your friends, family, colleagues... It would mean a lot to us if we could grab that VICTORY!

Why does the Aquanima 40 deserve to win? Because, to date, she is the only solar electric yacht on the market capable of sailing continuously, day and night, on solar energy alone and therefore without carbon footprint. Conventional electric boats still rely usually on fossil fuel produced electricity for charging. Other solar boats are still relying on a heavy gensets for long crossings. The Aquanima 40 is 100% self-reliant, both for energy and water generation. This is the kind of breakthrough innovation our Blue Planet needs more urgently than ever and your vote will help accelerate the spread of this technology!

At Azura Marine, we are not only focusing on the leisure boat market but are bringing this clean mobility technology to ferries, tour boats, survey vessels, dive boats and small fishing boats. Every boat needs to go clean, everybody deserves to sail green, This is our mission!

Your vote matters!

How to vote:

1) Click the link above

2) Chose a boat you like in the Category 1 (under 8 m). If you do not know which one to select, we like Candela for its innovative foiling tech, just a suggestion

3) Select "AZURA AQUANIMA" in category 2

4) Chose a boat you like in the Category 3 (ferries). If you do not know which one to select, we like SeaBubbles for its innovative foiling tech as well, just a suggestion

5) Enter your email

6) Validate your vote

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