All of our Aquanima vessels can be offered in Hybrid form to provide higher cruising speeds for longer duration.

In addition, we act as consultants to convert tradationally powered vessels in the following formats:

  • Auxiliary Systems Powered By Solar Energy

    • Reduction in emissions  noise, genset running hours, maintenance & fuel costs

  • Dielsel / Solar / Electric Hybrid Propulsion

    • Heavy duty vessels with intermittent full load operations provides the opportunity to reduce the capacity of the installed generator, consumption and pollution

  • Full Electric Plug In With Diesel Back Up

    • Heavy duty vessels with high power requirements and operation profiles allowing for full electric configuration with fast shore charging and diesel back up

Why Consider A Conversion?

Many commercial vessels require very powerful engines and generators for their core operations.  However, these vessels often sit in port or at anchor during downtime buring a lot of fuel just to run generators for minimal onboard systems and air conditioning.  This is a very poor use of resources and makes for a noisy, smelly and uncomfortable experience for the crew.

Our hybrid systems vastly reduce fuel consumtion while providing silent and emissions free operation during downtime.


We recently installed a solar panel and energy management system on a Singapore based Lagoon 450.  


This installation ensures the yacht's batteries are kept fully charged up no matter how much the yacht is sailing (and not using engines) enabling more eco-friendly long range cruising..


In 2019, under Azura Marine's Ultramarine brand, we equipped Penguin's Redeem ferry with a full solar auxillary system enabling silent and emissions free operation during non core operations.

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