Can the vessels really cruise day and night, continuously, on solar power only?

Absolutely.  Our vessels are designed to harness the energy of the sun to provide both propulsion and battery charging during sunlight hours.  In the nighttime, the vessel is powred from its battery banks which have been charged during the day from sunlight.  

Do the vessels have diesel or petrol engines?

No.  There is no direct drive diesel or petrol engine onboard.  All of our vessels have a small emergency generator which automatically kicks in the charge the batteries in the event of low battery power.  With proper power management using our touch screen energy management system, there should be no need to use the emergency generator. 

What is the expected battery life?

Under regular operation, the batteries will last at least 8 years.  With careful management, that lifesoan can be more than doubled.  With our Evolution Package, we offer the opportunity to have the battery system upgeaded as new technology becomes available.

Do you offer a hybrid version?

Yes.  All of our vessels can be offered as a hybrid version which sees the installation of a generator which enables larger and more powerful electric motors to be installed.  This gives great speed over longer ranges.

Where can you deliver the vessels to?

Anywhere in the world.  Our shipping partners have long-established routes and we use experts who are used to dealing with yachts.  After arrival, we offer full commissioning, service and warranty.

Are the Yachts fully equipped?

Yes.  All our Yacht versions include everything you could need inclding air conditioing, oven, microwave, bathrooms, beds, clectrics, navigation systems, water makers etc.

Can I customise the layout of the vessel?

Absolutely.  Our vessels offer a large platform and between the deck and solar roof, you can have any layout that you require, whether private leisure yacht or commercial vessel.  We will work with you to ensure your vessel meets all your practical requirements.

Can the vessel be used as a mobile energy plant?

Yes!  Our initial vessels were used to power small coastal villages!  They can act as mobile power plants for events, remote locations and any shoreside activity.

Is the solar roof area usable?

Yes!  We would not recommend using the solar roof barefoot in the middle of the day, but the whole area is accessible by steps, is durable and fully usable.  It also acts as a rainwater collector!

What happens if there is no sunlight?

Photo Voltaic (PV) panels work when there is light.  While bright sunlight gives tghe maximum pwioer, ant light will provide energy.  In testing we have found that on very cloudy days, for long voyages, reduced speed is all that is needed to enable continuous cruising.

Can the vessels go out to sea and cross oceans?

Absolutely.  Our hulls have been designed using supercomputers with hundreds of hours of testing to maximise efficiency.  The hulls have a very high central waterline to prevent slamming and enable bluewater cruising, something that is less frequently found in most of today's modern production catamarans.  Check our news section for details of our Ocean journeys!