At Azura Marine, helping local communities with green technologies is in our DNA. We started off as a social enterprise and those principles remain at the core of our business. 

As much as we love designing luxury yachts that can cruise the world only on sun light, we value even more the positive impact our expertise and products can bring to underprivileged people. And building high-tech crafts makes our cost-effective solutions better and vice versa. This is a virtuous cycle and we enjoy every moment it brings. 

Our first prototype, Surya Namaskar, was a converted Indonesian fishing vessel which is now used, completely fossil fuel free, for sustainable activities across Indonesia.


We are also working with a number of Government agencies to identify and implement funding opportunities to enable communities to take advantage of our environmentally friendly vessels.

Fisherman Captain of Solar Sampan Surya
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Manta 1.0

The Evolutionary Electric Long Tail

The Electric Long Tail "Manta 1.0" is the latest creation of Azura Marine in our range of portable electric propulsion systems for small boats. Manta 1.0 replaces the conventional noisy 4-stroke engines used to power "long tail" boat propulsion shafts, a type of propulsion particularly popular in South East Asia. 

With Manta 1.0, no more gasoline, no more pollution, no more deafening noise, no more breakdowns and no more engine routine maintenance! Manta 1.0 is powered by an in-house designed splash-proof Lithium-Ion battery packed in a rugged suitcase easy to carry and of weight and dimensions comparable to those of a jerrycan of gas. 

With the smallest version of Manta 1.0, one battery pack offers an average range of 15 to 20 nautical miles and 3 hours at full speed (around 5 knots, depending on the boat and its load). Multiple battery packs can be used in parallel to increase range and autonomy. Manta 1.0 comes with different power ratings, from 800W all the way to a stunning 10 kW! 

It is a turnkey solution to replace the conventional 4 stroke engines typically used in conjunction with the long tail shafts and does not require any modification to the shaft or to the support on the on the boat. All it takes it to connect the Manta 1.0 to the battery bank and twist the joystick! In addition, the battery pack features a Bluetooth connection to phones and tablets and has a built-in GPS chip.


Manta 1.0 comes with an app linked to the battery to retrieve all possible information from each trip, such as speed, distance covered, energy consumption, maximum instant power, etc. 

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With Manta 1.0, we can reduce CO2 emissions to zero if the batteries are charged with solar energy or cut them by more than 50% if the electricity comes from fossil fuel power plants. At Azura Marine, we are all about solar so obviously we encourage fast charging of batteries using solar and we have started to build solar charging stations in Bali so that fishermen can fish for free, in silence and with zero pollution.


The first Manta 1.0 has been in operation since August 2019 and takes care of fishermen ever since, having saved on average 400 kg of CO2 per month since its inauguration! 


Manta 1.0 is the future of small boat propulsion and it has arrived here and now!

Manta 1.0 is available with the following electric motor power: 800W, 3 kW, 5 kW and 10 kW. 


1 Lithium-Ion battery pack is 16 kg and has a capacity of 2,5 kWh

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Recently we completed a major project involving University Students from Jakarta who completed a comprehensive and successful internship at our Bali facility.  We see the links with Universities (and particularly young people) as an essential route to spreading our skills and resources for the good of others.


Our Plakman vessels offer a highly cost effective (cost reducing in most cases) way of removing both surface and sunken plastic and other waste from the ocean and lakes.  We will partner with marinas, port authorities and local councils to vastly increase the number of active vessels involved in waste removal around the world.


We are a member of the Solar Impulse World Alliance and our Plakman vessels are endorsed by this foundation.


We collaborate with other projects around the world and recently had the pleasure of welcoming Race For Water to Bali and had the opportunity to visit and inspect Energy Observer in London.


Our vessels have the capability to act as mobile power plants, floating hospitals, disaster relief vessels and more – all without the reliance on fossil fuels.


Our journey has only just begun and our innovative team are constantly creating and implementing solutions for the benefit of people and our planet.

The social enterprise Azura Marine Earth is about to be incorporated in Indonesia. Do get in touch with us should you want to support our mission.  

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Evandri Pantouw

Evandri G. Pantouw

 A passionate Juris and impact advocate with capacity in SDG.
Educated at technology and intellectual property law, he has worked for the government, development partners, and international donors.

Nadea Nabilla

Nadea Nabilla

A passionate ocean lover that holds a master degree in electronic engineering specialized in the fields of Information Technology Convergence with a deep understanding between business and technology converging together from University in South Korea. She is also former Miss Scuba (Diving) Indonesia 2017

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