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Azura Marine started its journey as a social enterprise that aims to transition combustion engine boats to solar / electric power across Asia.  We are fully committed to this objective today and we have major projects, for the express benefit of local communities, in action in Asia and beyond.


We are a team of engineers, university professors, naval architects, sailors and nature enthusiasts.  A proportion of our profits will always be directed at these projects.


Our first prototype, Surya Namaskar, was a converted Indonesian fishing vessel which is now used, completely fossil fuel free, for sustainable activities across Indonesia.


Currently we are working on a project to revolutionise the need for local fishermen to rely on fossil fuel engines and this project has the ability to impact not only the lives, but also the environment of people all over the world.


We are also working with a number of Government agencies to identify and implement funding opportunities to enable communities to take advantage of our environmentally friendly vessels.

Recently we completed a major project involving University Students from Jakarta who completed a comprehensive and successful internship at our Bali facility.  We see the links with Universities (and particularly young people) as an essential route to spreading our skills and resources for the good of others.


Our Plakman vessels offer a highly cost effective (cost reducing in most cases) way of removing both surface and sunken plastic and other waste from the ocean and lakes.  We will partner with marinas, port authorities and local councils to vastly increase the number of active vessels involved in waste removal around the world.


We are a member of the Solar Impulse World Alliance and our Plakman vessels are endorsed by this foundation.


We collaborate with other projects around the world and recently had the pleasure of welcoming Race For Water to Bali and had the opportunity to visit and inspect Energy Observer in London.


Our vessels have the capability to act as mobile power plants, floating hospitals, disaster relief vessels and more – all without the reliance on fossil fuels.


Our journey has only just begun and our innovative team are constantly creating and implementing solutions for the benefit of people and our planet.