Aquanima E-FERRY 45

Aquanima 45 Ferry Galapagos - 1.png


The E-FERRY 45 is the perfect environmental and commercial solution for coastal sightseeing and transportation.   Allowing continuous day and night operation, the 45 enables highly profitable operations with zero fuel costs and no emissions   The 45 is a commercial tourist attraction in herself and will perfectly complement any sightseeing destination

The deck and seating arrangement can be laid out precisely to your requirements and even include a toilet and bar.

General Characteristics

  • Built to class standards

  • Unlimited fuel-free range

  • 24/7 none stop operation

  • Noiseless operation

  • Vibration & smell free - clean bilges

  • Ultra-hydrodynamic hull, optimised properllers, cutting edge solar panels

  • Electric motors

  • Solar roof acts as rainwater collector

  • Lightweight displacement

  • Virtually maintenance free motors - 20,000 hours

  • Premium marine grade aluminium

  • Cost free-operation

  • Free power generation - can be used to supply shore stations and generate income

  • Ecological - no GHG emmissions, no oil leaks, no noise pollution

  • Operation via tablet with remote access

  • Can be offered as hybrid version


  • Passenger Capacity:    max 35-50

  • LOA:                              12.5 m

  • Beam:                            7.5 m

  • Maximum Draft:           0.65 m

  • Displacement:              10 tons

  • Electric motors:            2x 20 kW

  • Battery bank:                60 kW

  • Solar panel area:          68 sqm

  • Range:                           Unlimited at 4 knots

  • Max Speed:                  9-10 knots

  • Cruise speed:               4-7 knots

  • Complete systems installed:  navigation, electrical, PA system, water etc.



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