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Azura Marine's highly efficient hulls enable us to offer a completely customisable platform for multiples uses.  This includes tour & dive boats, ferries and multi-purpose plastic collection/harbour maintenance boats.  


  • Bluewater hulls - undertake ocean passages

  • Unlimited fuel-free range

  • 24/7 none stop operation

  • Noiseless operation

  • Vibration & smell free - clean bilges

  • Ultra-hydrodynamic hull, optimised properllers, cutting edge solar panels

  • Electric motors

  • Solar roof acts as rainwater collector

  • Solar roof fully usable as an upper deck

  • Lightweight displacement

  • Virtually maintenance free motors - 20,000 hours

  • Premium marine grade aluminium

  • Cost free-operation

  • Free power generation - can be used to supply shore stations and generate income

  • Ecological - no GHG emmissions, no oil leaks, no noise pollution

  • Operation via tablet with remote access

  • All vessels can be offered as hybrid versions




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Azura Marine Pte Ltd

Singapore, Barcelonaa

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