Aquanima 40


Aquanima 40

Time to go exploring

The Aquanima 40 is the ultimate coastal and island explorer designed to enable you to stay offshore in remote areas unhindered by the need for fuel or water replenishment from the land.

No fuel costs, no noise, no vibration, no smells and virtually no maintenance. Just load up your supplies, dive equipment and water toys and cruise unleashed 24/7 purely from the power of the sun and the onboard ability to both capture rain water and produce it from sea water.

Daytime cruising, when island hopping or stopping at your favourite anchorages, is 6-7 kts with a maximum speed of 8.5 kts+. When making passages the yacht also relies on its battery bank to give continuous cruise speeds of 4-5 knots, day and night.

Energy is generated only from sunshine and with a capacity to create over 50 kilowatts each day, this easily outstrips the typical 2-3 kilowatts needed for propulsion and house systems, meaning your batteries are charged to 100% at the end of the day ready for that night-time passage or complete air-conditioned comfort while at anchor.

The Aquanima 40 has a 10 kWp solar roof for 10 tonnes of displacement, offering presently and by far the best ratio solar power/displacement on the blue water solar yacht market. She carries a 60 kWh battery bank (available to customers either in LiFePO4 or Lead-Acid versions and with increased capacity).

This means the yacht has unlimited continuous range, 24/7, day and night, purely from her solar-electric systems with no need for shore plug in or fossil fuels. This gives the yacht total autonomy (supported by her rainwater collecting solar roof, onboard water-maker and a few more bespoke unique energy-saving systems) to enable absolute freedom in the remotest corners of the planet. This is achieved without producing any harmful emissions, pollution, vibration or smells and giving near silent operation for the owners.

The yacht is exceptionally responsive, easy to manoeuvre and simple to operate with the electric motors requiring nothing more than a simple and low-cost bearing change at 20,000 hours.

Wow.  Consumption of just 2-3 kilowatts per hour – how is that possible?

The hulls of the Aquanima catamarans are scientifically designed with highly efficient full displacement shapes with the principal objective of reducing resistance (as opposed to achieving higher speeds) to enable minimal energy consumption and therefore continuous operation solely on solar energy. While most recent catamarans present on the market have sacrificed hull efficiency - and to some extent sea worthiness - to offer lush and voluminous cabins, the Aquanima range hulls are slender, more akin to those of racing sailing multihulls. This was dictated by the non-negotiable need for high hydrodynamic efficiency and was achieved through long research and development using super-computer run CFD software and resources of the Harbin Engineering University.

Space and volume

Once on deck, you have the feeling of being on a much larger boat than a 40 footer. With a voluminous and bright super equipped bridge, galley and saloon, more than 30 LED downlights built-in the roof in and outdoors, built-in lights in the bulkheads, underwater lights, surround multi-zone sound system, plenty of storage, a comfortable aft settee and a vast fore deck that allows sun-tanning despite the massive solar roof, you cannot help but feel like you are on a much larger yacht.

The Aquanima 40 comes with 4 cabins and a convertible saloon double berth providing accommodation for up to 8 guests overnight or 12 guests during the day. The yachts can be fully customised to owner requirements and include air conditioning, audio-visual systems, CCTV and high-quality domestic appliances. Standard navigation / communication equipment including chart plotter, solid state radar, VHF, AIS and autopilot are from Raymarine but other international leading brands and can be specified by the customer.

Quality & flexibility

Aquanima catamarans are built in aluminium and certified CE cat. A. Hull scantlings follow Bureau Veritas rules.

Customers can also increase speed and reduce energy consumption by opting for more powerful e-motors and a mast and sails package which will even be capable of upwind performance. All yachts carry an automatically engaged emergency generator should the operator misuse the onboard energy management system or encounter adverse weather conditions.

The Aquanima 40 can carry a 6 person tender which can be powered by Azura Marine’s own 5 kW electric outboard motor “Manta 2.0”, fully designed and built in-house, and available commercially to customers (10 kW version – Manta 3.0 also available). The waterproof portable Li-Ion battery pack for the tender is fast-charged directly from the yacht and can just as easily be charged when ashore.


Base boat  €523,000 - ex-shipyard, exclusive of delivery & any destination taxes

CAT A CE Certification - Aluminium Construction - Lithium-Ion Phosphate Batteries

General Characteristics

  • Bluewater hulls - undertake ocean passages

  • Built to class standards

  • Unlimited fuel-free range

  • 24/7 non-stop operation

  • Noiseless operation

  • Vibration & smell free - clean bilges

  • Ultra-hydrodynamic hull, optimised propellers, cutting edge solar panels

  • Electric motors

  • Lithium-ion phosphate batteries

  • Solar roof acts as rainwater collector

  • Solar roof fully usable as an upper deck

  • Lightweight displacement

  • Virtually maintenance free motors - 20,000 hours

  • Premium marine grade aluminium

  • Cost free-operation

  • Free power generation - can be used to supply shore stations and generate income

  • Ecological - no GHG emmissions, no oil leaks, no noise pollution

  • Operation via tablet with remote access

  • All vessels can be offered as hybrid versions

  • Future proofed with our Evolution Package


  • LOA:                              13.25 m

  • Beam:                            6.0 m

  • Minimum Draft:            0.65 m

  • Displacement:              7 tons

  • Electric motors:            2 x 10 kW

  • Battery bank:                60kW Lithium-Ion

  • Solar panel area:          56 sqm

  • Range:                           Unlimited at 4 knots

  • Max Speed:                   8-9 knots

  • Guest cabins:                3x double

  • Crew cabins:                 2 x single

  • Complete systems installed:  navigation, electrical, air conditioning, entertainment, water etc.




2nd Sea Trials - Open Sea - 17th May 2020


We are proud to be winners of the 2020 Gustave Trouve Electric Boat Awards

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