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Mission “Surya Namaskar Bali” – Bali Salutes the Sun – will achieve the first circumnavigation ever around Bali on a boat solely powered by the sun.

The solar boat used, baptized “Surya Namaskar” – Sun Salutation in Sanskrit – is a classical Balinese fishing boat known as “Jukung”.

The voyage around Bali is expected to commence in September 2017 and take 7 to 10 days. Surya Namaskar will sail mostly in the morning and will await passers-by, curious people, supporters and fans on the Balinese shores, offering the opportunity to come meet with the crew and have a close look at the boat.

You will be able to follow Surya Namaskar’s whereabouts in real time on a virtual map thanks to the GPS tracking technology. A link will be published as soon as the trials start! 

In the first half of 2017, Surya Namaskar will be beached in Serangan, South peninsula of Bali, where she will undergo transformations of her roof and propulsion for the installation of solar panels, batteries, and electric motor. The works will be documented and technical information will be posted on our website, in line with the “copyleft” philosophy of this project: The more we share insights and knowledge about clean energy technologies, the faster it will spread and the better of our Planet Earth!

  • Surya Namaskar solar electric boat
  • Surya Namaskar Solar Electric Boat Pointing East
  • Azura Marine Manta 3.0 Ludicrous Electric outboard motor parameters adjustment


  • Raising awareness of the public about the fantastic potential of renewable energies, especially solar

  • Proving that the technology is ready, available, reliable and cost-effective

  • Bringing to the knowledge and experience of local fishermen communities and boat tour operators a cleaner, silent, operation cost-free, maintenance free alternative to the old-fashioned polluting, noisy, unreliable gas engines

  • Education: The earlier the new generation learns about and masters the fundamentals of renewable energy, the better it will be for their own future. Free educational workshops on the basics of renewable energies and technologies will be offered to Balinese school and they will be able to follow the journey of Surya Namaskar around Bali while having an actual understanding of how the boat works

  • Sharing technical knowledge and experience with other enthusiasts around Bali, Indonesia and the world

  • Gaining experience on the conversion of traditional combustion engine boats to solar power and be able to support technically those who are ready to turn to clean energies


  • Length: 8 m

  • Beam: 5 m with 2 outriggers

  • Crew: 6 pax.

  • Cruising/Max Speed: 5/15 knots

  • Solar panel area: 25 m²

  • Peak solar power: 5 kW

  • Battery capacity: 8 kWh

  • Electric motor power: 10 kW

  • Propeller: High efficiency, 5 blades, Ø 320 mm

  • Navigation and Live Tracking: GPS

  • Lights: LED

  • Power & connectivity: USB ports, WIFI hot spot

  • Entertainment: Bluetooth sound system

  • Energy monitoring: Live display and recording


  • Earth friendly: Zero pollution! No exhaust gases, no oil leaks, no noise

  • Unequaled Comfort: Absolute silence of operation, no nauseating fuel and exhaust smell, vibration-free, electrical power available onboard, WiFi, music…

  • Minimal to no maintenance

  • No need for refueling and all involved logistics, just sail!

  • Can serve as a green power station for up to 20 houses

  • FREE to operate EVERY DAY of the year, for 25 years

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