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Our renewable power generation holistic approach logically encompasses shore-based technology. We strive to bring renewable energy technology to local communities and empower them by teaching solar panel fabrication techniques and bringing them solar powered home electrical knowledge. Decentralized small-scale solar panel workshops will enable communities to switch to solar power by themselves and master the required skills for the installation and maintenance of their own home installations.

Our social enterprise “PT Surya Sakti Bali Indonesia” – registered in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia – will be a disruptive game changer. We will bring the power of the sun to people who could not afford it thus far. We will create jobs, provide training and give highly valuable skills to people who we will literally empower by letting them fabricate their own solar panels and bring them back home for free.

The Earth needs a rest. Enough of old fashioned fossil fuels. Enough of mining. Enough of shipping fuels around the world. Enough inequalities. It’s time for fairness, respect and harmony.

We will soon open job applications in the Ubud area.

You would like to apply for a job? Or invest in this promising ecological & social venture? Contact us, we’ll love to hear from you!