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Azura Marine Earth is a social enterprise. We consciously design & build solar electric boats, launching evolution symbols into the Oceans. Experience the epitome of harmony between outgoing Humanity and the serenity of the Sea.

We embrace local traditions, boat building techniques, specific skills, sustainable materials and merge this ancestral poetry with the highest clean technology. With this harmonious approach we offer fairly priced high performance boats, allowing anyone to enjoy the benefits of ecological sailing. From spacious catamarans to silent dive and tour boats, light wooden crafts and inter-island ferries, our concepts are tailored to precisely meet their users’ needs and to be in every way economically senseful. They are destined to private owners in search of a unique eco-yachting experience, local communities seeking an eco-friendly solution to preserve their sea-faring lifestyle and environment, public operators committed to offering pollution-free sea transport, eco-tourism conscious actors willing to offer a true environmentally-friendly experience to nature enthusiasts. As a social enterprise, we invest humanly and financially to support ecological evolution. We sponsor local fishermen to upgrade their boats from gas & diesel to solar power, we provide solar panels and offer workshops to local communities and schools to raise awareness on environmental issues and their practical solutions.


Renewable energy technologies have reached a mature stage. They are reliable, affordable and are economically unsurpassable. Considering the state of degradation of our Planet Earth, it is urgent to make these technologies available to everyone. Azura Marine Earth, through our concept of Organic Engineering, strives to provide pragmatic, affordable, reliable and simple alternatives to conventional fossil based boat propulsion and shore-based power generation.

Our core Values:

  • Respect: Environment, local communities, suppliers, contractors, clients

  • Share: Knowledge, educate, resources

  • Contribute: Earth protection

We are a Social Enterprise with a positive impact for All:

  • Users, nature, local communities, AM Earth

  • Copyleft philosophy

  • Financial support & education


We have developed a new engineering concept called “Organic Engineering” based on the following key principles:

  • Keeping the cost low

  • Using as much as possible locally available, recyclable and sustainable materials

  • High reliability

  • Simple and minimal maintenance by local people

This is our key stone to make eco-friendly boats available and financially viable in less economically developed areas and prove that renewable technology is not only for those who have money.

We can achieve this by carefully assessing every aspect of the boat design and always favoring local and natural materials, local workmanship and techniques. The only industrially produced materials and equipment shall be restricted to the very solar power plant, energy storage and electric propulsion of the boat. This way, all objectives in terms of costs, simplicity, reliability, ease of maintenance and involvement of local communities are met.

Main characteristics:

  • Advanced engineering & Nature inspiration

  • Green high tech & ancestral techniques

  • Cradle to cradle: materials & human resources

  • Beauty, creativity, and functionality

  • Simplicity and refinement

  • Pragmatic and reliable design


Earth One has the profile of a wooden boat from a bygone age, yet this elegant beauty is married with the epitome of modern design expertise and equipped with state-of-the-art technology for an emission, noise, vibration free sailing experience.
It is time to reconnect with nature and Earth One symbolizes this come back to our roots.


Earth One is a wooden trimaran offering unequaled space and sailing comfort. The three hulls have a traditional fishing boat design from Flores / Sulawesi area and are linked to increase the deck and solar panel area. It has been designed using the golden ratio 1.618 that is ubiquitous in nature.


  • Length: 16.18 m

  • Beam: 14 m

  • Deck area: 140 – Capacity: 30 pax

  • Cruising/Max speed: 6/12 knots

  • Solar panels area: 100 m²

  • Electric propulsion power: 25 kW

  • Battery capacity: 20 kWh


  • Batteries: Morning, evening, night, and boost

  • Back-up power & sail: safety and reliability

  • Shore power-up capability

  • Creative, refined, and comfortable design

  • Galley, bar, accommodation, and upper deck lounge

  • Natural, local, and sustainable materials



  • Diving, snorkeling, island tours, yoga

  • Sunset watching, ocean bar, special occasions, dinner arrangements

  • Corporate functions, floating seminars

  • Ferry between islands

  • Extension of hotels


  • Silent, vibration-free, smell free

  • Vast open space, feeling of expansiveness

  • Unequaled comfort

  • Respect marine life, allowed in reserves

  • Easily customizable layout


  • Free to operate

  • Very low maintenance

  • Highly attractive concept

  • Added value to business



Propellers are to a motor boat what fins are to a fish.
Earth One’s prop has been designed by Torqeedo GmbH to achieve the highest efficiency considering the specific power/torque/rpm characteristics of electric motors. Its blade area and diameter are unusually large for this power rating and the hub features an additional counter rotation mini-propeller “Hub Vortex Vane” creating additional thrust where a conventional design would cause drag. The result is this squid-like marvel of engineering because nature is an infinite source of inspiration! Overall, this propeller is around twice as efficient as a comparable outboard engine. In other words, with this unique propeller design, Earth One will achieve the same speed with half the power required.


The wheel and pedestal of Earth One are made of wood and bamboo. The four spokes symbolize the four elements while the barrel is ornamented with a beautiful sun mandala. The keys of Earth One’s design are sustainability, reliability, natural materials & shapes, functionality and harmony.



They are a source of various pollutions: They leak oil into sensitive marine habitats, they are very noisy, spoiling the experience of the people on board, they emit pollutant gases responsible for global warming, they can have a toxic smell of fuel onboard and exhaust gases, vibrations, small deck and cabin space, they can be dangerous (various instances of engines exploding and harming people), they require heavy maintenance.


Play the video and embark on a traditional boat voyage. 


Our renewable power generation holistic approach logically encompasses shore-based technology. We strive to bring renewable energy technology to local communities and empower them by teaching solar panel fabrication techniques and bringing them solar powered home electrical knowledge. Decentralized small-scale solar panel workshops will enable communities to switch to solar power by themselves and master the required skills for the installation and maintenance of their own home installations.

Our social enterprise “PT Surya Sakti Bali Indonesia” – registered in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia – will be a disruptive game changer. We will bring the power of the sun to people who could not afford it thus far. We will create jobs, provide training and give highly valuable skills to people who we will literally empower by letting them fabricate their own solar panels and bring them back home for free.

The Earth needs a rest. Enough of old fashioned fossil fuels. Enough of mining. Enough of shipping fuels around the world. Enough inequalities. It’s time for fairness, respect and harmony.

We will soon open job applications in the Ubud area.

You would like to apply for a job? Or invest in this promising ecological & social venture? Contact us, we’ll love to hear from you!


If you resonate with our Mission, Vision and Values and would like to take part in the rescue of our Planet but do not know how, you can join and support the Azura Marine Earth journey in multiple ways:

  • Spread the word and share our online contents around you: Raise the awareness of sustainable solutions among your friends and community.

  • Make a donation: To help us drive our projects faster, share our solutions for a sustainable world wider and help local communities go greener.

  • Join the action: Come learn new skills, share yours with us and the local people, the more we unite forces, the better!


“BE” an actor in the environmental shift.  Make a donation and leave us an encouraging message in our Golden Book below! You will effectively support Azura Marine Earth with our present mission “Surya Namaskar Bali”, raise awareness about ecological solutions, help local communities and protect the environment!

  • Any donation counts and that starts with 1$ and a couple of mouse clicks! Anyone Contributor to our mission is invited to leave his/her name and a message in our Golden Book and will receive our immense gratitude!

  • Should you like to donate $200 and above, you will be contacted personally by the Azura Marine Earth Team and will stand a chance to join us onboard Surya Namaskar in Bali during the sea trials or even for one leg of the voyage around Bali! Come make history with us!

  • Should you like to become a Sponsor and take advantage of our mission’s visibility to offer your business an eco-friendly promotion, kindly contact us!

Financial transparency is at the core of our Respect value. All our donations are listed in the Transparency page listing clearly the amounts received and what they are used for.


100% of your donation go towards funding the Azura Marine Earth sustainable and social projects

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If you made a donation to Azura Marine Earth we invite you to leave a message in our Golden Book. Kindly indicate the amount you donated, your country of origin, and the reason you resonate with Azura Marine Earth!

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Awesome Foundation Singapore grant 700
Di Tang 200
Alexandre Ferreira da Rocha 100
Thomas Latour 150
Emanuela Alongi 150
Luisa Cassaro 100
 TOTAL 1,400
Surya Namaskar
Jukung acquisition (will later be donated to local fishermen) 1,650 (spent)
Electric motor, controller & joystick incl. customs clearance 2,011 (spent)
High efficiency propeller 290 (spent)
Outboard engine transmission 290 (spent)
Jukung transfer from Jimbaran to Amed 125 (spent)
Roof modification – Carpentry job 200 (estimate)
Flexible solar panels 3,800 (estimate)
Solar controller 900 (spent)
Batteries 600 (estimate)
Cables & electrical material 250 (estimate)
Jukung accessories 300 (estimate)
Outboard engine modification 200 (estimate)
New paint 200 (estimate)
Website 640 (spent)
Media 40 (spent)
Promotion 1,600 (estimate)
TOTAL 12,756 (estimate)
Earth One
Boat construction 50,000 (estimate)
Electrical material 25,000 (estimate)
Solar panels 20,000 (estimate)
Accessories & peripherals 10,000 (estimate)
Registration & documents 1,000 (estimate)
Promotion & trials 4,000 (estimate)
TOTAL 110,000 (estimate)
Precious Plastic Bali sponsorship
Electric motor + controller + joystick incl. shipment & custom clearance 227 (spent)
Solar Charge Controller MPPT incl. shipment 99 (spent)
TOTAL 326 (spent)

Azura Marine is a Sole Proprietorship company registered in Singapore under registration number 53290961E.

Azura Marine Earth is an initiative of Azura Marine entirely managed under the principles of a Social Enterprises. All donations, raised funds, sponsorships and potential earnings are used for the sole purpose of funding the Azura Marine Earth projects. These projects are integrally oriented towards the protection of the environment, the animals and the wellbeing of local communities.