The semi-flexible solar panels have arrived!

The semi-flexible solar panels have arrived! 32 pieces in total will cover the roof of Surya Namaskar and provide nearly 5 kW peak power allowing her to cruise at a constant speed of 5 knots (+/- 10 km/h) constantly between 08:00 till 17:00. At dawn and dusk and even at night, the battery pack will provide the electrical power with a range of 20 nautical miles (+/- 38 km)!

The future of clean marine propulsion is en route and is unstoppable! Byebye little gas outboard engine (in the background) and thank you for the good services. You’ve been amazing over decades but your time has come to an end…

Surya Namaskar in Serangan


Surya Namaskar has finally reached the shores of her profound transformation, Serangan Peninsula. Sailing her from Amed to Serangan was an emotional undertaking, realizing that this would be the very last time a noisy gas outboard engine would propel this boat.

The jukung is now resting on the beach an the conversion works will take place in April & May 2017. Mostly the roof will be extended for the solar panel installation, fresh paint will be applied everywhere and a fiberglass hold will be added for the battery bank.

The electric outboard motor meanwhile is being assembled in Ubud, at the heart of Bali.

Surya Namaskar – Dolphin Blessing


Since the dawn of human exploration of the seas, dolphins have been considered auspicious by sailors. Let these beautiful creatures spotted from aboard Surya Namaskar on her last trip be a blessing for her future fate!

Join us in the preservation of marine life through the expansion of ecological boats, support our mission:

Surya Namaskar’s electric motor first test

This is the first live test of the high efficiency 10 kW 48V brushless DC electric motor of Surya Namaskar, the first solar electric traditional fishing boat in Indonesian waters.

Her heart is alive!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we convert this boat into solar electric propulsion.

Surya Namaskar – Solar powered


“Surya Namaskar” is slowly becoming the first solar powered jukung that will sail the Balinese waters!

Soon, this traditional fishing boat will soak in ardent sun rays and harvest their power with her 25 m² solar panel roof! Here’s a little digital impression of how she’s going to look!

Surya Namaskar maiden voyage


Mission Surya Namaskar Bali has commenced on a high note. Her crew sailed the jukung all the way from Benoa Bay in the Southern Peninsula of Bali to Amed in the North East, a magnificent voyage of 55 nautical miles (about 100 km).

Upon her arrival at her new base, Surya Namaskar has been warmly welcomed by the local fishermen Community among which curiosity arose as to her destiny: Becoming the first ever traditional Indonesian fishing boat to be solely powered by the sun and circumnavigating the Island of the Gods.

Surya Namaskar is now peacefully resting on the beach while the Azura Marine Earth Team is putting together all the components necessary for her conversion to fully electric solar powered propulsion.

Follow the journey of this extraordinary boat that will shine a light on the unlimited potential of renewable energies and their readiness to be enjoyed by all the People of the Sea.

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Surya Namaskar on the day of her acquisition


Between February and June 2017, Surya Namaskar will be beached in Amed, North-East of Bali, and she will undergo some transformations of her roof and propulsion for the installation of solar panels, batteries, and electric motor. The works will be documented for easy follow-up and all technical information will be made available online in line with the “copyleft” philosophy of this project: The more we share insights and knowledge about clean energy technologies, the faster it will spread and the better of our Planet Earth!

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