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Azura Marine Earth is a social enterprise. We consciously design & build solar electric boats, launching evolution symbols into the Oceans. Experience the epitome of harmony between outgoing Humanity and the serenity of the Sea. 

We embrace local traditions, boat building techniques, specific skills, sustainable materials and merge this ancestral poetry with the highest clean technology. With this harmonious approach we offer fairly priced high performance boats, allowing anyone to enjoy the benefits of ecological sailing. From spacious catamarans to silent dive and tour boats, light wooden crafts and inter-island ferries, our concepts are tailored to precisely meet their users’ needs and to be in every way economically senseful. They are destined to private owners in search of a unique eco-yachting experience, local communities seeking an eco-friendly solution to preserve their sea-faring lifestyle and environment, public operators committed to offering pollution-free sea transport, eco-tourism conscious actors willing to offer a true environmentally-friendly experience to nature enthusiasts. As a social enterprise, we invest humanly and financially to support ecological evolution. We sponsor local fishermen to upgrade their boats from gas & diesel to solar power, we provide solar panels and offer workshops to local communities and schools to raise awareness on environmental issues and their practical solutions.


Renewable energy technologies have reached a mature stage. They are reliable, affordable and are economically unsurpassable. Considering the state of degradation of our Planet Earth, it is urgent to make these technologies available to everyone. Azura Marine Earth, through our concept of Organic Engineering, strives to provide pragmatic, affordable, reliable and simple alternatives to conventional fossil based boat propulsion and shore-based power generation. 

Our core Values:

  • Respect: Environment, local communities, suppliers, contractors, clients

  • Share: Knowledge, educate, resources

  • Contribute: Earth protection

We are a Social Enterprise with a positive impact for All:

  • Users, nature, local communities, AM Earth

  • Copyleft philosophy

  • Financial support & education


We have developed a new engineering concept called “Organic Engineering” based on the following key principles:

  • Keeping the cost low

  • Using as much as possible locally available, recyclable and sustainable materials

  • High reliability

  • Simple and minimal maintenance by local people

This is our key stone to make eco-friendly boats available and financially viable in less economically developed areas and prove that renewable technology is not only for those who have money.

We can achieve this by carefully assessing every aspect of the boat design and always favoring local and natural materials, local workmanship and techniques. The only industrially produced materials and equipment shall be restricted to the very solar power plant, energy storage and electric propulsion of the boat. This way, all objectives in terms of costs, simplicity, reliability, ease of maintenance and involvement of local communities are met.

Main characteristics:

  • Advanced engineering & Nature inspiration

  • Green high tech & ancestral techniques

  • Cradle to cradle: materials & human resources

  • Beauty, creativity, and functionality

  • Simplicity and refinement

  • Pragmatic and reliable design