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  • Azura Marine Solar Electric Boat Surya Namaskar at sunrise in Sumbawa, East Indoensia.


Azura Marine consciously designs & builds Solar Electric Boats, launching symbols of evolution into the Oceans. We merge the best renewable energy technologies with the finest boat building poetry. Experience the epitome of harmony between outgoing Humanity and the magnificence of the Sea.

Combining the serenity of sailboats with the convenience of motor boats, Solar Electric Boats offer an unprecedented sailing experience in perfect symbiosis with nature. Their propulsive energy comes from the sun and is stored onboard making these boats free energy mobile power plants with minimal maintenance requirements.

Catamarans have been used for millennia around our planet for their unique characteristics: vast decks, high efficiency, great stability, low draft, unrivaled comfort and supreme handling.

Marrying solar electric propulsion and catamaran design represents the quintessence of modern boat design and invites you to a new world of limitless eco-sailing experiences!


Renewable energy technologies have reached a mature stage. They are reliable, affordable and economically unsurpassable. Considering the pace of degradation of our Blue Planet, it is essential to shift widely and promptly from fossil fuels to clean energies for our mobility and power generation needs. Azura Marine’s Mission is to invite Everyone to embark into this new eco-sailing paradigm, reconciliating our ardent sea going nature and the respect of the environment we treasure:  From discerning Yacht Owners with our unique range of “Aquanima” Solar Catamarans to Local Communities with our “Surya” boat conversions – offered under our social enterprise division “Azura Marine Earth”.

Our core Values:

  • Respect: Environment, Clients, Investors, Local Communities, Suppliers, Contractors

  • Help: Under-privileged Communities sail Eco-Friendly Boats & Use Renewable Energies

  • Contribute: To the Earth & Ocean Protection through our Range of Eco-Yachts and Boats